6 skincare AND makeup tips for hot AND humid weather!

Summer in Quebec is long awaited and extremely appreciated. However, with this beautiful season, comes smeared eyeliner and melting foundation… Considering that summer is (finally!) close, I thought it would be appropriate to write about skincare and makeup. Having lived in Dubai for 8 years, where hot and humid weather is the forecast for basically 10 months out of the year, I’ve picked up a routine that works quite well. Whether you’re travelling to an exotic place or staying in Montreal, here are some tips to keep your skin and makeup looking fresh and appealing, despite the heat.

Crédit photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro (Aussi le crédit de la photo principale)

Crédit photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro (Aussi le crédit de la photo principale)

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1.    It goes without saying that you should be cleansing your face, especially if you’re wearing makeup throughout the days. But if you’re looking for something to simply refresh in the mornings, I recommend using a micelle solution, like Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O solution. In terms of moisturizer, avoid using thick formulas that can leave your skin feeling oily. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer, like my favorite Bioderma Sensibio Light moisturizer. It’s great for sensitive skin, and feels revitalizing without being greasy.

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2.    Use sunblock every morning to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Sun protection helps prevent burning, wrinkles, and age spots. Many dermo-cosmetic brands have SPF products for a variety of skin types. My preferred product is the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL lotion, with a broad spectrum SPF of 60. It’s ‘Ultra Light’, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, and doesn’t feel oily under makeup.

3.    I suggest skipping foundation on hot days. If you still want overall coverage to balance out your skin tone, go for a lightweight oil-free BB cream instead of heavy foundation. Otherwise, use concealer only on the areas where you need it. The more base products you apply, the heavier it’s going to feel and look. As always with makeup, less is more.

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4.    For products like blush and highlighter, opt for cream versions instead of powders. They blend into the skin much more smoothly, and don’t feel like an extra layer caked on top. Two of my favorite cream products are the Sephora Collection Colourful cheek ink gels, and Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter. I also recommend being modest with the amount of highlighter you apply, as your skin will naturally become quite dewy after being outside for a while.

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5.    In terms of eye makeup, I suggest skipping any kohl liners, as they tend to smudge and melt easily. Keep your look clean and simple with just some waterproof mascara.

6.    Lastly, hot and humid weather can induce more breakouts than usual. The constant sweating and face touching can be destructive. To try and help the situation as much as possible, I recommend eating fresh fruit instead of foods with processed sugar. Foods that are high in processed sugar can result in breakouts as they cause spikes in the body’s insulin levels. Summer calls for fresh orange juice and a bowl of sweet fruits!