Close-up : Marie-Philippe Jean

Role Model

From a young age, Marie-Philippe knew she would leave her small town of Rivière-du-Loup to move to a big city and pursue a career in Communication and Television.

So at 17 years old, it was no surprise when she left the comfort of her home to embark on her journey in Montreal, where she knew absolutely no one. Through the years, combining her studies and the many contacts she gained by getting involved in various projects, MP quickly became a publicly-know figure, a voice of our generation that would bring joy to us all through our small screens.    

It has never been about fame for MP. Her goal has always been about reaching as many people as possible, giving her the opportunity to share personal stories and experiences that could make some sort of a positive impact in the lives of young adults. Her main public residing mostly in females between the ages of 15 and 25, a crucial time in a woman’s life where we often feel lost and alone. For a lot of people, MP has become a figure of love and strength, a person to look up to, a big sister that will always be there to listen to us and guide us towards peace of mind and happiness. 

Marie-Philippe has always had the ease of communicating messages. She says that if her career in Television hadn’t worked out, she would probably have become a teacher. She sort of already is one, in a sense, a teacher of life one might say. Through her platforms, she creates a safe heaven where souls feel comfortable enough to confide in her and her ongoing growing community. She is extremely grateful for this chance she was blessed with and she takes it very seriously. Having a voice comes with a lot of responsibility, and she does not take it lightly.

Crédit photo : Gabby Mather

Crédit photo : Gabby Mather

“The power of sisterhood. We are forming a chain to heal ourselves and our world.”

– Marie-Philippe Jean

Love Warrior

As an only child, friendships have always been at the heart of Marie-Philippe’s life. Friends quickly become family, family evolve into friends. In the end, the bonds she creates are for life, because when MP loves she loves with all that she has, mind, body and soul. She is caring, patient and generous with her time. She loves the human experience and is curious about finding ways to become the best humans we possibly can.

Although everything she does is done with love, MP can at times be compared to a wildcat, untamed and solitary. Resilient, she has always had the willingness and capability to do everything and anything on her own. She doesn’t need anybody to help her get to where she wants to be. It is hence crucial to her to be free, to have the freedom of thoughts, the freedom to create, to be free to be whomever she wants to be. It is all the more important for her to surround herself with people who will give her that freedom. 

On her platforms, Marie-Philippe sometimes blesses us with love poems. Some will break your heart. Others will uplift your spirit. But no matter which of the two, her words make you believe in a love so strong and so real that the most sceptic of them all would feel hopeful. We thank you for that and we love you right back!


As MP embarks on a path to enlightenment with her newest project Heather, she wishes to reinforce the relationship we have with our spiritual side, as well as with nature. Stripping down, letting ourselves be vulnerable and getting back to our roots is the main goal. It is evident that she has matured since her first platform Chic Tonique. Heather is for an older and wider audience, one that is mostly in search of exploration (spiritual, sexual, philosophical) rather than personal acceptance.

Crédit photo : Caraz

Crédit photo : Caraz

While I was interviewing Marie-Philippe, looking around, I found crystals, candles and oracle cards spread all over her home. I asked her to give me a quick reading and she kindly did. This is a good example of one of the subjects you might find on the Heather website. While giving me the reading, she told me that, one day, she wished to make a career out this new platform. She would love nothing more than to be able to open the floor for discussions about “delicate” subject matters, conversations that many are too afraid to approach but that are truly important to have. There definitely is a market for something like Heather and we wish her all the best on this new journey.

Get inspired and follow her on, a web platform who’s goal is to inspire young women to discover the best side of themselves and opt for a healthy and active lifestyle, and more recently on, a platform where goal-reaching and health-improving content coexist with mystical and spiritual explorations in sublime harmony.

Instagram: @mariephilippejean @chictonique @weareheather_

Crédit photo : Marie-Philippe Jean

Crédit photo : Marie-Philippe Jean