I brunch, you brunch, he/she brunches.

On my quest to getting to know Montreal and its people a little better every day, I found out about an activity every montréalais loves, which was for me something new yet exciting: Brunch. It is such a big deal here! It´s the collision of breakfast and lunch. It’s the perfect time of the weekend to share a meal with family and friends. Brunch, or brunching (verb), is waking up late, and having breakfast in the middle of the day with a beer on the side. And to be more honest, brunch is the meal that heals your hangover, and that will fill you up for the rest of the day. 

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Régine café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Régine café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

As I once mentioned before, Montreal has a lot of restaurants, and the most interesting ones have joined the movement by offering a special brunch menu from 9am to 3pm every weekend. So I decided to get into the “fashion” myself, and make it my weekend tradition. You know? When in Rome, do as romans do.

Every Sunday, as the law states, I will go out and have brunch with my partner in crime and whoever wants to join the crew. It is my favorite weekend activity, no kidding, I am a foodie that happens to love breakfast. I do have to mention there is a little bit of a twist in this tradition: no matter how much we like the restaurant, we cannot go back. When I invented this simple rule, I did not know it would be so hard to follow.  It sounds like a fun easy challenge, but it´s not. Ok, it is fun, but it is not easy.

First I had to make a list of restaurants I was going to try, and cross them out along the way. So far the list goes up to 50 places, and it keeps on growing. So far I have only tried like 24 new restaurants. The second difficulty that I found was the unexpected popularity of some of the restaurants I chose to try. Sometimes we do have to wake up early because we already know that making a line for more than 30 minutes is a probable thing, which sucks when you are hungry, but sucks even more when you are hungry and its -20°C outside. The last, but not least, difficulty is the “no returning” rule. This is exactly where the challenge lays: you have to try new restaurants, you have to try new menus, and you have to try different plates, and options. No matter how delicious the Benedict eggs with pulled pork over cheesy English muffins where (Lili and Co.). No matter if that was definitely the best french toast ever (Regine Café). You cannot go back, next Sunday you have to choose a different restaurant.  

Melbourne café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Melbourne café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

When I started this fun challenge, it was hard to think, while I was almost licking the plate after that delicious Moroccan bread (Arthur´s Nosh Bar), that I wouldn’t be coming back for more next weekend. But to my surprise, each restaurant  we tried got better and better, which wasn´t just a lucky strike, but the true fact that Montreal has so much “gourmet” and tastiness to offer. Each weekend I have been privileged to try new restaurants and prove my point: no matter how much you like something, always have the guts to try something new!. There is always more to discover!  

Melbourne Café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Melbourne Café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Lili and co. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Lili and co. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Régine café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

Régine café. Crédit photo : Lucia Ortega

I would love to share with you the list of restaurants I have gone so far. Honestly, each of them has been a new and exciting experience, some with higher expectations than others, thanks to the reviews they have in social media, but all of them with their own unique flavors and atmosphere. Of course I do have my favorite one so far, but I will keep on trying new ones, the list goes on and so will I.  

Le Souvenir

La Clouterie

Le Majestique

Arthur´s Nosh Bar

Le Pourvoyeur

Black Sparrow

Brasserie Boswell

Etre Avec Toi (E.A.T)

Le Faberge



Le Second Souffle

Lili and Co.


Regine Cafe

Le Melbourne Café

L´avenue du Plateau

Bishop and Bag

Le Gros Luxe

Le Fixe



Cafe Parvis

Le bon vivant

De Farine et D´eau Fraiche  

Le chien fumant


And the favorites in the Beauties team :

Melbourne Cafe

Arthur´s Nosh Bar


Ritz Carlton

Le butterblume


Passé Composé

Hoogan & Beaufort

La petite maison

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