30 before 30.

I’m turning 21 next month, legally making me an adult in every country… the truth is I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. What I do know is that my 20s are a time for adventure and exploration. As such, I’ve come up with a list of 30 things I would like to achieve before turning 30- I have nine years to attempt accomplishing a few reckless and a few responsible things: 

1.    Eat vegetarian for a month.

2.    Visit 2 countries in Africa.

3.    Go skydiving.

Crédit photo : http://skydivegeronimo.com.au/

Crédit photo : http://skydivegeronimo.com.au/

4.    Be fluent in French.

5.    Have my first own pet.

6.    Learn Yoga.

7.    Go a full week without any social media.

8.    Get my parents a trip to anywhere they want.

9.    Make a cheesecake from scratch.

10.    Get a tattoo (Sorry Mom!)

11.    Plant a tree.

12.    Take up a new sport.

13.    Go to Europe.

14.    Grow my own herb garden (mint & basil minimum).

Crédit photo : http://mixedgreensblog.com/

Crédit photo : http://mixedgreensblog.com/

15.    Take a trip with just my sister.

16.    Print more photos.

17.    Pay for a stranger’s meal.

18.    Go on a real camping trip.

19.    Float in the Dead Sea.

20.    Visit 2 countries in South America.

Crédit photo : http://kiddley.com/

Crédit photo : http://kiddley.com/

21.    Go scuba diving.

22.    Sponsor a child with Plan International.

23.    Do a wine tasting course.

24.    Run a distance that feels like an accomplishment.

25.    Read, read, and read!!!

26.    Try a short haircut.

27.    Watch classic movies I still haven’t seen (ie. Scarface)

28.    Learn the basics of coding.

29.    Attend a FIFA world cup match.

30.    Fail, and grow.

I’m both scared and excited for many things on this list; eager to travel and learn about different cultures, while slightly frightened to jump out of a plane.  More than anything, I hope I can look back at my 20s and smile; proud about what I have accomplished and not troubled about what I have not yet. Do you have this kind of to do list?

gabriella hachem