13 reasons why I'm over WINTER FASHION.(part 2)

Hello again! Here's the second part of the list. Enjoy, while we're still waiting for spring/summer 2017.

7. Not wearing swimsuits anytime you want.

I want to be a mermaid so whatever, I just go for it: amazing one piece paired with denim shorts or wear your bikini top under a shear t-shirt. Why the hell not. Not being able to do so anytime of the year should be a crime.

Crédit photo : www.mashamel.com

Crédit photo : www.mashamel.com

8. Not changing after the gym.

We all do it, don’t be disgusted. You’re going to be hot anyway when stepping outside. And when you rock amazing sport gear, you can’t help it. It’s not something you can do when it’s cold… you kind of have to change, unless you want your coat to glue on your bare sweaty skin. Your call but while you think about it, I’m putting it on the list.

Crédit photo : www.shopcamp.com

Crédit photo : www.shopcamp.com

9. Heels are not a dangerous sport.

Heels + Ice = LOL. I love it when girls do it, because it’s a real entertainment. But seriously, summer is way better for heels. You’re not afraid for your life and it doesn’t seem like a stupid thing to do. Heels on ice, you made it on the list!

10. Orange is the new black.

The sun is out and it’s going to tan your skin in the most natural way possible. You don’t have to rush to the tanning salon ever again and get naked in front of a total stranger who’s going to spray paint your skin in the weirdest shade of… orange. Plus, you won’t stain the clothes you’re trying on in the stores (ZARA)!

11. Ripped jeans.

Don’t ever get told by old people that you need to go and buy new jeans. Explain to them that you just can’t take the heat anymore. Plus, have you ever worn ripped jeans on a really cold night? You take them off after and you’ve got burns on the parts that are not covered.

12. Cake face.

Strobing is the perfect mix between sweaty and sparkly. But when it’s hot outside, you already are sweaty! So no need to spend money on a super expensive strobing stick! We got that cover!

Crédit photo : www.elle.fr (Shot by Steven Panpan)

Crédit photo : www.elle.fr (Shot by Steven Panpan)

13. Socks in sandals.

We’ve all seen it, and all wondering if we like it or not. It’s comfortable… but I don’t know about you guys but when I do it, I kind of instantly feel like a dad. With spring here, take off the socks and release the beast! Here you have it, the 13 reasons why I couldn’t wait for winter to be over. Now close your Netflix and go enjoy what Montreal has to offer in this time of pure joy.

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